Is Ham and Petersham SOS government funded?

No. We rely entirely upon donations and fundraising to maintain our services.

Does Ham and Petersham SOS charge for its services?

No, however we suggest a £3.00 donation for each task we perform.

Is there a membership fee?

Yes, we ask that members pay an annual fee of £10 which gives them certain members benefits including a quarterly newsletter, access to our subsidized monthly outings program and free entry to Kew Gardens. More information on membership and benefits is available from the SOS office.

Does Ham and Petersham SOS have any paid staff?

We are a team of 3 part-time staff:

Karen King, Organiser
Millie Cooper, Assistant to the Organiser
Anne Marks, Receptionist

The rest of the office staff and helpers are volunteers.

How do I register myself, a relative or a friend?

Contact the office on 020 8948 1090 or use the contact tab above to send an email.

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